Foreign Affairs is out!

Both Karens have contributed to Foreign Affairs, a collection of six steamy and romantic short stories from Turquoise Morning Press. The e-book is now available from:

Amazon | Turquoise Morning Press 

Smashwords |All Romance E-books

Everyone has a little spot in their heart for the wonderful, mysterious men of far away lands. Be it Italian or Greek, French or British, an accent and a different passport are a guarantee to make women swoon. If they’re sexy and sweet, all the better. That’s why we made an anthology dedicated to them. These six foreign men will certainly sweep more than the six women off their feet.


Spark to Flame by Karen Booth

All I Need by Karen Stivali

Agapi Mou by Michelle Garren Flye

Dimples and Roses by Georgia St. Mane

Dream Vacation by Sidney Bristol

Siren Song by J.M. Kelley

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Spicing it Up

photo credit: Jeremy Daccarett

One of the unexpected benefits of writing erotic romance is learning from a reader that they enjoyed your book and their partner reaped the benefits. I had one woman say she had no choice but to wake her husband at 2 am after finishing Long-Distance Lovers. She needed him right then and there and from the sounds of it, he was wholly appreciative of his surprise. If only every day could be like that, if only we could capture that spark on a more regular basis.

We all fall into the trap of routine and responsibilities in our relationship. It’s all too easy for your sex life to become predictable as a result. It’s important to keep the interest and spark alive, but this can prove difficult. Sometimes, we just get busy, complacent or bored and while these might seem inevitable, it’s important that we try to work through them to keep our relationship as healthy as possible.

The first step to resolving any issue is open communication. Your partner may not be aware of the rut. Bring them up to speed on how you’re feeling and see where they stand. Use words that are constructive and non-confrontational. If you explain to them that this means you’ll be having more sex, you can expect them to be on board. But you should also discuss other ways you can bring back the original spark of your relationship. Maybe it’s bringing back date night or visiting places you used to go as a young couple?

You can try these suggestions:

Do projects together. It could be art, building a piece of furniture, cooking a new meal or even as simple as hanging a curtain rod. When you work together as a team again, you build up a sense of intimacy and find that you truly have to rely on that person to get the job done. Plus, you will have created something together that you can look at and remember the good time you had while making it.

Secondly, go on a vacation. We can’t all afford to just hop on a plane and get away for awhile, but you can disappear for a weekend. Just drive over to the next town and get a hotel. Being in a new place will spark the feelings of adventure and spontaneity, which have the tendency to slip away after a few months into a relationship. Spend the weekend together with the laptop and smartphones turned off. This will require you to talk and entertain each other and build a closeness again.

Start doing the little things. We forget how much it can mean to someone to get them flowers for no reason, to leave them a little note, or put gas in their car. Simple gestures that show your appreciation and love for your partner can go a long way. If you know they need to go to the dry cleaner, do it for them. If they seem like they’ve been stressed out, get or give them a massage. The little things go a long way.

Finally, the main attraction. Sex! Try to change it up by getting down and dirty in other rooms in your house, or even in your car or outside somewhere. If you want to break your routine, you have to get out of every part of it. If you’re not one to usually wear lingerie, go pick a cute new number. Surprise your partner by jumping their bones as soon as they get home or by sending them a suggestive text while they are at work. Even something as simple as, “I can’t stop thinking about you,” can do the trick. You can also try incorporating new sex toys. You can not only have fun using it, it will bring you two closer if you choose it together and talk through what you do and do not like. If you need a place to go, head over to Adam & Eve, where you’ll be able find a toy to fit every wish and desire.

Getting out of a rut can be hard, but the first step is realizing you’re in one. You shouldn’t have a problem climbing out if you’re conscientious and dedicated. As a bonus, you’ll learn a lot about each other in the resolution process. So go forth and spice it up!


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Love My Way out now!

Karen B’s latest, Love My Way, is out. Snag your copy today!

Love My Way

After her fiancé penned a “Dear Katie” letter, Kate Stillman vowed she’d never give a man more than one night. Free from emotional entanglements, her photography career has skyrocketed, she’s had some hot one-night stands and her heart has stayed off-limits. It’s the perfect plan until a Miami getaway brings her face-to-face with Peter Barrett.

Hunky rocker Peter has been pursuing Katie from afar ever since she photographed his band. In the flesh, it’s clear it was more than flirtation. Katie gives in to their sizzling chemistry, thinking Peter will appreciate her one-night rule. Instead, he balks and extends an invitation for a second night of pure abandon, an offer too tempting to refuse. When they part, Katie realizes her rule protected her heart only too well. Time away from Peter leaves her wanting him more. Every steamy, late-night phone call makes her wonder if she can love again. But when Peter returns and her trust is tested, Katie must overcome her past to see that love her way was never the way at all.

“Love My Way was a sweet, steamy novella, with a whole lot of spiciness mixed in throughout. I have yet to read a book that had a good phone sex scene written in, and Love My Way finally broke that mold for me!”–Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Read an excerpt of Love My Way.

Love My Way is available from:

Amazon | Ellora’s Cave | Barnes & Noble | All Romance E-books

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Marry Me Out Now

Marry Me

When British drummer Ben Davis lost his childhood sweetheart, he was certain he’d never love again. He focuses on music as his band rises to stardom. A never-ending stream of groupies satisfies his needs until he meets intriguing clothing designer Julia Jones.

Julia’s career rocketed from seamstress to up-and-coming designer for the A-list, but her personal life didn’t fare as well. Her last boyfriend crossed from controlling to violent and she vowed never to be in that position again.

Sparks fly the instant Ben and Julia meet, but she resists his intoxicating charms, certain a celebrity romance will bring only trouble. But before long the heat between them becomes undeniable and she allows him into her bed and her heart. The more in love Ben falls, the more he fears losing her. When Julia’s life is endangered, Ben’s reaction terrifies her, forcing them both to confront their biggest fears if they want a chance at a future together.

Available now from: Ellora’s Cave | Amazon | All Romance E-books

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The Karens Rock RT 2012

Both Karens attended the fabulous Ellora’s Cave party last night at the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago. We both did our first “walk of fame”, when we walk across the stage escorted by an EC Caveman. Quite the experience! Here’s a photo of us from the party.

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Tiffany Reisz Stakes Her Claim on Tim

Fabulous international super-star author Tiffany Reisz posted a lovely review of Long-Distance Lovers on her blog today. You can read the full review here, but suffice to say that if anyone out there has any designs on Tim, he’s, uh, spoken for.

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Long-Distance Lovers is out!

The Karens are happy to announce that Long-Distance Lovers is now available! Thanks to our editor Jillian Bell, everyone at Ellora’s Cave, and our friends and family for the incredible amounts of support.

Long-Distance Lovers is available from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Ellora’s Cave | All Romance E-books

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Long-Distance Lovers out March 9th!

Karen B and Karen S are happy to announce that we have a release date for Long-Distance Lovers–March 9th. In the meantime, hop on over to the website at to read an excerpt.

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Both Karens have new cover art!

Marry Me and Love My Way will be out early 2012. Blurbs coming soon!

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The British are coming!

Long-Distance Lovers is an erotic romance we co-authored, due from Ellora’s Cave March 9, 2012.

British musician Tim Wentworth trades his London flat for an apartment in NYC so he can record with a promising American band, but when he arrives in Manhattan he learns that the gig has been canceled. With no job and a two month stay in the States he wonders if the whole trip has been a waste of time, until he meets the charming and talented jewelry designer, Jenna Bradford.

Unlike the groupies who throw themselves at Tim after shows, Jenna couldn’t be less impressed by his music credentials. Bad experiences have caused her to have a strict “no musicians” policy. When Tim rescues Jenna from the advances of an obnoxious drunk they strike up a friendship that, in spite of her rules, turns into a passionate affair full of intense and unexpected emotions. As they try to find a way to prolong their time together, a family tragedy forces Tim to return to England. Jenna and Tim must each decide how far they’re willing to go to see if their whirlwind romance can lead to a lifetime of love.

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